Frequently Asked Questions

I am a private detective do you have discount for bulk searches

Yes we do and get this request all the time, please get in touch an let us know your requirements

How many dating sites do you search

We have an extensive list of the most popular social and dating site. Currently you have the ability to search well over 100 sites. We are always on the look out for more and include new sites all the time

Do I have to sign a contract

No. cancel any time.

Can you seduce my fiance for me


I want to extend my search how do I do that

When you ready to start searching, all you have to do is select from our extended list. By default, we only search a core list of sites which we think contains 90 plus percent of the online dating market.

How do I get started

Getting an account at profile Detective is easy. Simply go to our signup page here. After clicking getting an account is a breeze

How do I know my data is safe and secure

We perform hourly backups of your data, encrypt it, and store it on a password-protected server. Also our web site is secured using SSL encryption which ensures that your personal data are never sent over the Internet unencrypted and therefore cannot be read by third party viewer.

How can I become part of your search team

Get in touch with us if you want be part of our crowd sourcing team.

How much does it cost

Our price varies depending on the service you want. Please see or price plans for more information

I suspect my wife is having an online affair - can you help

Sure thing. If you have grounds to be suspicious your partner we can help you find out what dating or social site they are on. Simply create an account, send us the details requested and we will do the rest.

How do I pay

We accept payment via credit Card or Paypal

Can you search for anyone through Profile Searcher?

Yes/No. It helps if the the person you are searching for had a dating profile at some time. This information is used by our team and search software to identify potential second or third dating profiles created by the same person. However, if you suspect a partner might have a dating profile but they deny it, we ask for as much information as you can supply and will search for any potential matches

How many profiles can I search

You can search for as many profiles as you like. There is no limit placed on your here