How to find out if your husband is on tinder

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Finding out that your husband could be using Tinder will not be good news whatever the case. Reason being, over the years, Tinder has being notorious for people who are looking to find someone to date for sex. And if your husband has downloaded Tinder to this phone, there is only one reason why that is the case.

As in any marriage, infidelity is always a real concern and whether or not Tinder exist, a man who want to, will always find a away to cheat on his wife. Unfortunately, this is the reality of marriage or relationships.  To be honest if you suspect your husband has Tinder, then in his mind he has already left the relationship.

To get get to the bottom of the situation, you can always just asking him to unlock his phone  you tell him what you suspect.  His reaction of-course will tell you what you need to know.
However  on the flip-side its easy to ignore the other signs about the failing marriage and only focus on with one thing.

The truth sometimes boil down to whether or not the relationship is worth salvaging. If it is not, then it really does not matter if he is not Tinder but more of your mental state. If it has already come to the point where you cannot trust your husband then perhaps the marriage is already over.

If you are not happy then it is important to remember that life is too short to spend any of it being not being your true self. In other words, why stay in a relationship knowing all the time the other person is unwilling to work on it or be apart of the solution.

If your husband is on Tinder, then of-course this could be worked on and for sure it is by no means the end of the relationship.