Why Women Cheat

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When people think of cheating, the first image that comes to mind is a man cheating on a woman with some leggy blonde. It is thought that men cheat more than women. This may have been the case back in the day when women tended to stay home with children while men went off to work. This is not the case anymore. Women are on equal terms with men thus cheating becomes of equal ground.

Women are now considered equal to men in most modern societies. There are some cultures in  which women are thought of to be of lesser value than a man, but these are very few in number and are numbers are growing smaller as time passes. Over the past 100 years, women have won the right to vote, work where they wanted to, and gain access to any education offered by any institution. Great strides have been achieved in the way women are viewed today. Equal opportunities in lifestyle offer equal opportunities in cheating as well.

The question is why. Why do women feel the need to cheat on their partner? Here are a few reasons why a woman would chose to abandon the comfort of a relationship and involve herself in the horrid act of cheating.

  1. Boredom – There comes a time in every relationship where things become stale. In the beginning there is an intense sense of excitement. Over time the excitement dwindles and the woman will begin to yearn for that excitement once again. They will look for ways to achieve that excitement again, even if it is at the expense of another person’s feelings.


  1. Fear that the other person is cheating – If a woman feels they are being cheated on she may, in turn, cheat on her partner in order to get back at them. This is the whole childish, “I’ll get them before they get me routine.” The tactic often backfires with the realization that the other person involved was not cheating in the first place.


  1. A sense of empowerment – When women feel that they are not appreciated in their current relationship, they will often look to greener pastures. If their partner is the more dominant factor in the relationship, the woman may feel the need to empower herself by seeking a slightly weaker personality to dominate over.


  1. Another shows attention – There are times in relationships where we forget to show our affection for our partner. As this can become a problem in any relationship with little or no notice, it leaves the door open for anyone to step in and take over. The cheating can begin with a little harmless flirting. Work is prime real estate for this situation to occur. Unless you and your significant other work together at the same place of business a co-worker can begin to show a woman a little attention and the relationship can quickly lead to something more. People of all walks of life like to be told they are beautiful, so if a woman is not being told how beautiful she is at home, she is more likely to cheat with the person showing her that affection.


  1. Person from the past – Work and school tend to take us to different parts of the world. A person may grow up in the Mid-West, go to college in North-East and Get a job in Europe. In every stage of life we meet different types of people and going back to those familiar people can give us the sense of comfort. Old feelings can be stirred when people from the past re-enter our lives. An old friend from college that you never could quite form a relationship may seem enticing when they re-enter your life and you are already in a relationship.


  1. I can do better mentality – People are told all their lives that they can do better. They believe that they can find a better mate. These type of people are never satisfied and do not want to feel as though they are settling. Perfection is always looked for in relationships, when in reality, there is no such thing. There are no perfect people, but there is a perfect person out there for each of us. People who display this type of mentality are likely to never settle down and will no doubt endure a string of relationships in which cheating is a factor.

We are human and prone to some very primeval instincts. In the end, women cheat for the same reasons that men do. There are many reasons why cheating happens. These are just a few. Cheating is a lack of respect for another’s feelings. The cheater, man or woman, is selfish. Instead of breaking off the relationship like a good person would do, they try to hide and manipulate to get what they want. They, more often than not, get caught. Cheating hurts all parties involved and is never a solution to the problem.