How to Write an Online Dating Profile

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Dating, in general, can be a daunting task. In traditional dating a meeting of two parties ensues and further plans are made. In the case of blind dates someone else sets up two people without them ever having met each other. This form of dating can be excruciatingly painful for both parties. Online dating, on the other hand, puts you in control of the dating world. You are allowed to browse profiles and decide what type of person you are looking for. You are allowed to contact who you wish and not contact who you do not wish to talk to.

Writing a good dating profile is your ticket into the dating world. Your dating profile tells prospective mates who you are and what you are all about. There is a fine line that has to be walked when writing your online dating profile. Give too much information about yourself and people will look at you as a control freak who loves everyone and everything. Not put enough information on your profile and you can look like an untrusting anti-socialite. A well balanced profile with just enough information to entice perspective dates will offer the best solution.

The first step in writing an online dating profile is to choose a username or handle, as some call it. This handle needs to be a catchy one word phrase that basically summarizes everything about you. The handle will be unique to you will more than likely be what your date calls you until they are to learn your real name. Your username needs to be easily understood and not complicated. Before choosing a user name it is advised that you say it out loud a few times and see how it sounds. Even say it to a friend and see what they think. Some things sound great in our own minds, but in reality do not sound the same to others.

Your tagline is the next step in building an online profile. This is a simple and short phrase that, like your handle, tells others what you are all about. This should be a fun and quirky phase, but it is suggested that chiche, overused movie lines be avoided. These are used way too much in the online dating world and do not really tell anything specifically about you. A heart-felt from your own mind will show more about your personality. Erotic taglines should also be avoided unless that is the type of dating site you are signing up for.

The next part of the profile process is the hardest. This is the part of the signing up process that you are expected to write about yourself. It can be difficult, at first, to write about yourself. The first step is to write it down on paper. Make a list of all of your interests and personality traits. Out of the list circle a few very important ones that you wish to include in your profile. Do not give away too much information. You may wish to be completely honest, but to tell someone that you do not know that eating shellfish makes your face swell up and your lips turn blue may give them a visual that you will not want them to have. It is also important to have a trusted friend read over your profile and give you honest feedback.

The profile picture is also a big factor with online dating sites. It may be tempting to use a photo from 20 years ago when you were a little thinner and your hair was bouncy and full of life. As tempting as it is; this practice should be avoided. People are very conscious of the way they look. The first comment most people make is how attractive or unattractive a person is. The truth of the matter is that anyone who is merely scoping profile pictures and contacting only the “pretty ones” is not likely looking for, nor will find, a lasting relationship. Choose a picture that shows who you really are. Do not worry about the flaws that you see on yourself. Anyone who has been in a lasting relationship will tell you that the flaws that people see in themselves are often the things their significant other finds so attractive. The goal is to get attention on the website, so choose a picture with a lot of color. A dull studio picture tends to be too posed and boring. Add a little flare and have fun with it.

Your online dating profile is your ticket to a lasting relationship. It is easy to attract attention enough to get a “one night stand” type of date and that is all well and good if that is what you are looking for, but to have a truly lasting relationship honesty is always the best policy. Let the other person really see who you are through your words on the page and your profile picture. Online dating is the new standard in dating. Everyone is doing it so have fun with it and I hope you find the person you have been dreaming for your whole life.