How to Catch my Cheating Husband on Craigslist

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There are people who – whether they want to admit it or not -, unfortunately come to a point where asking themselves whether or not their husband is having an affair and how to catch them cheating on Craigslist? Sometimes all it takes is catching someone at just the right (or more like wrong) moment, seeing it with our own eyes where they cannot lie themselves out of a situation.

The problem is, many wife find out a little too late that their husband maybe busy with Craiglist while there are at work. And catching them in the act is not always that easy.

Contrary to the popular belief, the truth does not always just come out. Sometimes we have to work for it a little. If someone, for example, always carefully deletes their browsing history right after they have used the computer, you will have to choose different methods if you want to catch them. There are various other options that you can try, possibilities your husband have not thought or even heard of.

A computer search
While most people who do something like that (and don’t want to get caught) will delete their browsing history, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find anything on the computer. The hard drive could still hold valuable information that could get you closer to the truth. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses or even photos, each and any of those could turn up during a simple hard drive search. Just click on the “my computer” icon and type in your search query into the search bar.

Temporary internet files
Temporary internet files (cookies) can be the downfall of any cheater. Unfortunately, these days almost everybody knows about them, if not for else but the fact that now each website has to notify their visitors about it as soon as they entered the page. Still, it does not hurt to check out, you never know.

Keystroke logging program
We are getting into deep waters now, but if all else fails, a keystroke logging program could definitely reveal the truth. There are various software that will allow you to spy on your spouse, some will remain totally hidden on the desktop. When a program like that runs in the background it doesn’t matter if the guilty party deletes their browsing history, every key stroke they hit can be checked in the log. Websites, e-mail and Facebook messages, you name it. Some programs will even take screenshots or audio recordings if the computer has an in-built microphone or there is one linked to it.

GPS tracking
If you really want to go all out, there is a huge selection of available GPS equipment these days. With the help of these, you can always keep tabs on your spouse. Suspecting is one thing, but when you can go to a location and catch your significant other during the act, you will get surefire proof. That can be important for various reasons, even legal ones in addition to you finally being certain. They often say that not knowing (and only suspecting) is even worse than finding out, and there is some truth to that. Once the illusion is totally gone, you can start to build yourself up again.

The good old let me check your phone method
The vast majority of hook ups are organized through the phone and not necessarily the computer. This is especially true these days when most people are walking around with a smart phone. As opposed to a laptop or a desktop computer, it’s not as easy to get rid of any damning evidence when it’s on a phone. In order to do that, you would have to clear the cache of every application that was involved (messaging apps, social media sites) and since that would mean losing valuable data that has nothing to do with the affair, most people would be hesitant to do it. They rather lock their phone with the keypad or use a password, but there is a very good chance that the evidence will remain there.

Once you find it you can take additional steps, be that locating the person your spouse cheated you with or confronting the spouse right away. If you suspect that he or she uses Craigslist to cheat on you, searching the “men looking for women” or “women looking for men” sections can be also a good idea. Using a fake account and a fake picture could do the trick. Once your spouse sent back their picture you will once again have undeniable proof.