Do All Men Cheat

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playedThis question has been the definitive question that women have always struggled with. The question is actually laughable if you think about it. It is much like asking if all foods taste good. Well, the obvious answer is no. Some food does not taste good, but with the right seasoning most food can taste good. It is much like this with men. The potential for every man to cheat is inherently ingrained in their DNA. The human instinct always wants more. We want bigger homes, flashier cars, and, as with most of us, more money. The human spirit cannot seem to satisfy the urge to have more. This is the fundamental reason men (yes and even women) cheat. It does not make it the right thing to do, but we are human and we will make mistakes.

Relationships are one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, things we will ever have in our lifetimes. Much like a baby, it has to be nursed along. The beginning of a relationship is new and fresh. The mere sight of the other person makes your heart skip a beat and your knees buckle. The first holding of a hand or first kiss sets off fireworks throughout the body. You want to be with them at all times and it hurts to see them leave, even if it is only for a moment. The relationship grows and still has that unimaginable spark. You are more comfortable than in the beginning. Things become less awkward and you gain knowledge of the person’s likes and dislikes. We try hard to make our partner happy with all that we do for them.

The relationship soon cools off and certain special things that were once done are forgotten about. This is usually the time that people will start to look for a way out. If a man is going to cheat, this is the time it will most likely happen. It can start off as nothing. You may notice a difference in the man’s personality. He may seem happier than normal to go to work or to the gym, wherever he spends his time. In most cases there is nothing going on, but it is good to be aware that temptations can come out of nowhere. Ladies, your men are no different than you. IF you see someone attractive walking down the street, you are going to look. Even if you hide it, you will look.

We are all human and prone to those primeval human instincts. Men tend to get more of the blame because they tend to be more open with their affections toward women. It is also ingrained by society. Women are, traditionally, supposed to be devoted to one man. Men are traditionally looked on as hunters. Society calls a woman with many man friends a “tramp.” A man, on the other hand, is called a, “player.” This gives them a sense of power. In the world of men it is often looked on as a status symbol to have many women. Bringing a different date to every social event around is society’s mark of a successful man. It is almost as if society is telling them it is ok. Movies depict the James Bond character as a ladies man and never settling with just one woman.

There is also the lack of a good male role model in many homes today. Broken homes leave boys without a strong father figure to bring them up teaching them how to treat women. These boys can grow up getting all of their education from movies and their mother’s bad relationships. Without a strong foundation, it is easy to believe that cheating is ok. I am in no way talking bad about single women. Believe me when I say it is hard to raise children alone and there are many people, both men and women, who have done an amazing job raising children. I am just simply stating that with the divorce rate ever increasing that the foundations of relationship are crumbling with every generation. We need to make out young people our biggest focus. Raising good men and women who know the value of relationships will ultimately improve society as a whole.

These are not excuses that are to be used by men to cheat; they are merely examples of why they might. The truth of the matter is that all men do not cheat. They may have a wondering eye, but just because they find another woman attractive is not an automatic reason that they will cheat. Cheating is a terrible attribute of humanity. It breaks up happy homes and breaks hearts. There have been people who have sworn off relationships due to the fact they may, at some point, be cheated on.

Relationships are difficult and have to be nurtured in order to last. I advise you to enjoy every relationship available to you. Love with your entire heart and never cheat on the person. Love is a gift of the highest degree and cannot be matched by anything else found on earth.