Dating Profiles What They Really Mean

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Over the past 20 years there has begun a shift in the way people approach dating. Before the age of computers, unless set up on a blind date, two people would meet face to face and arrange any further meeting from that point on. Phone numbers would be exchanged and the waiting on the phone call game would be played. Everyone who was in the dating pool always hoped for that love at first sight scenario, which is not impossible but very unlikely. There was always the first date where you had no idea about the other person’s likes, dislikes, or hobbies. If hobbies and such did not mesh with the other person’s the rest of the date was likely left in silence or one person would get that phone call in which there is a life and death situation at home and they have to leave immediately.

The dating world has since changed. With the onset of dating websites there are more options to be had when choosing who to go out with. Online dating profiles make it possible for a person to have certain knowledge of another before the date even begins, but what are these profiles and why are they so important?

A dating profile includes basic information. A picture, state and town you live in, and any hobbies that particularly interest you. So, essentially your profile should take no longer than a few moments to make and then on to dating a super model, right? No, very wrong. Your profile is something that should be given a lot of thought. Think of it like a business card. An extreme amount of time is spent in the thought process of how the business card will look. Not only the colors play a factor, but also where and how the words are placed on the card. Basic information is on the business card like name of the business, address, and phone number, but also services offered. A business card is not mere piece of paper handed out for promoting the business, but is a reflection of the quality of business. A sloppily made card reflects a sloppy business. A business card with professionalism and true care for the customer reflects a business worth working with.

When setting up an online dating profile it is important to keep in mind that you are marketing yourself. Honesty is your best marketing tool. People often visit online dating sites with a lot of apprehension due to the fact that anyone can be anything online. People may look good on their profile, but in reality be vastly different than the persona portrayed. It is a natural thing to find flaws in ourselves and take steps to hide those flaws. A profile picture is a perfect example of this. There are great deals of people who shy away from the camera because they don’t believe they are beautiful. Beauty is measured in different ways by different people. True, there are those who only judge a person by how they look, but a person looking for a true life partner will look beyond physical beauty. You profile picture should be a reflection of you. There is no need to doctor up a picture to make it more appealing to you because you are not the one who will be looking at it. There are imperfections in everyone’s appearance no matter who we are. You may have freckles or a birthmark that has embarrassed you in the past, but those things you consider flaws are often the things that others will adore about you. They make you uniquely you.

The rest of your profile should also be a true reflection of yourself. Include all of your hobbies, including those that you feel people will not like. Everyone has quirky things they enjoy doing that others do not find so fascinating. A true relationship is not based on perfection. It is based on a mutual decision to accept the other person as they are and enjoy the little imperfections that make up that person. Shooting for true perfection often makes you look like a fraud. A profile that seems too perfect probably is. People who have experience with online dating sites will tell you that they often gloss over the profiles that resound with perfection because often times those are the scam profiles. Dating websites now use safeguards to protect users from fraudulent profiles that may cause them harm, but there are some that slip through the cracks.

In the end, just like our parents taught us, honesty is always the best policy. Make your profile a fun, but true reflection on yourself. With millions of people online right now looking for a person to spend the rest of their life with, you never know when you will meet that special person who is fascinated by the things you look at as flaws. Happy Dating!