Chunking the Chocolates

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Ways to show her that you truly care about her on a deeper level than the stereotypical box of chocolates.

Imagine if you will the following situation. You are a male and in a relationship with a great woman. You want to show her that you care for her and so you go and buy a box of fine chocolates (not those that you can pick up in the side isle of a grocery store, but some really nice ones). When you see her next you present her with the chocolates for which she says thank you. The box is put on the counter and there it sits. A few days later you are taking out the trash and notice the unopened box of candies in the garbage. What went wrong?

First, understand that in today’s society that Chocolates are no longer the peak of sentiment. This is for a few reasons. One of the major players is the ever-growing health consciousness of people. Another is that Chocolates are generally considered a non-thought out gift. There are other ways to show her that you care. Here are but a few.

Pamper her with a spa trip

Most women are very open to a day of pampering at a spa. This can be planned as a couples get away (for there are a great many spas that cater to couples) or you can offer it as a gift for her and a few of her girlfriends.

Spas are exceptional ways of showing that you care for your partner because they offer her a chance to relax. Our modern lives are stressful and often times a woman will tell you that they just don’t have the time or energy to just intense their muscles, take a deep breath, and enjoy a day. A day at the spa will do just that.

Caution: Spa days should be reserved for relationships that have been somewhat established. Offering a woman a spa treatment too early in the relationship could come across with the wrong intent.

Cater to her interests

Anyone loves to know that their likes and dislikes are taken note of. One way that you can show a woman that you are listening (a major complaint in couples counseling) is to cater to her interests. Does she love the beach? Take her to it. Perhaps she loves animals. A day at the zoo or at a wildlife rehabilitation park would probably go off well. Do you have a thrill seeker? A day at an amusement park or just an afternoon on some go carts could go over well. The point is that if you make an effort to doing something that she likes, it will not go without notice.

Picnics and Private Dinners

Where there is nothing wrong with going out to a dinner at a nice chain restaurant, you will find that you get more sentiment out of a private setting. The reason is that in a private setting a woman does not have to worry about appearances so much. Furthermore, in a private setting such as a picnic or a private dinner she can talk to you. This communication is again enhanced and the relationship grows.

A man that really wants to impress a woman in today’s modern society could go the extra yard and fix a very nice dinner from scratch. Make sure that you are fixing a dish that she enjoys and not your grill master classic (unless of course that is one of her favorites). Keep in mind when doing such a dinner that it goes far beyond just the food. Set the atmosphere and plan it out. Doing so will surely show her that you care.

Being social with you affections

You can show the woman in your life that you care by simply being social about your affections. Generally, this goes against the nature of a “man”, but women in general like a man that will say that they care about them in public. A great way to do this is to send flowers to the workplace, send text messages (not in a creepy stalker sort of way) to her phone or simply show up to her job at lunch and take her out. By showing that you are not embarrassed by the relationship, your relationship can grow.

Remember, relationships have to be worked upon if they are to grow. The last thing that you want to do is flippantly give a gift which could be taken as unthoughtful. Don’t give gifts only when you are making up or on a holiday either. She will see this as cliché and you will get nowhere with the act.

If you notice, most of the little things that you can do are just that little. They do not cost a ton of money. They cost time. Invest your time and interest in the relationship and you will surely see the best results.