6 Reasons Why People Cheat

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As long as there have been people on the earth, there have been relationships. Cheating is a factor that affects all people at some point in their lives. As painful as cheating can be it seems to be an inevitable fact of life. The question is why people do it. The answer to this question is different in every circumstance.

  1. Past – As humans, our past can have an effect of our future. This is not to say that one cannot overcome a painful past. There are many people in the world that are determined to not let a spotted past effect what the future holds for them. The past is referring to what a person was exposed to in childhood. The divorce rate in this country is astounding. The rate of divorce has increased tremendously over the past 50 years. Many divorces happen because of a cheating spouse. Children who grow up in a home where cheating is the norm are more likely to cheat than that of a child from a non-cheating home.
  1. Environment – As your past has a lot to do with whether you will cheat or not, so does your current environment. If a person is constantly surrounded by others who are cheating, they are more likely to engage in cheating escapades as well. This practice is evident in Hollywood. Actors are notorious for getting caught in cheating scandals. Why do these celebrities cheat? Their environment allows for a very loose moral compass. Those that do cheat tend to do it openly and the ones that are faithful to their partner are constantly being accused of cheating by one tabloid or another.


  1. The Thrill – The excitement that you can be caught at any moment is a strong factor in why people cheat. Just like when people are involved in a robbery half of the draw to do such an act is the exciting thrill that you could get caught. It is an adrenaline rush.


  1. Feeling Wanted – In relationships, there comes a point in which one or both parties feel as if the other does not want them around. In most relationships this problem is easily worked through with an emphasis on communication. People become busy with life and the relationship suffers because there is no time to spend any intimate moments together. In cases where one of the parties feels neglected for a long period of time there is a desire for intimacy and they will begin looking for a person to pay them a little attention.


  1. Looking For a Way Out – Relationships go through phases. These phases affect both parties in different ways. Most people act like adults in these situations and a resolution can be found. A select few people get stuck in a childlike state. People in this childlike state tend to look for a way out of the relationship without talking to the other partner. These grown up children would rather abruptly end the relationship by being caught in the act of cheating rather than end the relationship like an adult by telling the other party how they feel.


  1. Low Self Control – There are people in the world that have very low self-control. They can’t differentiate between friendship and romantic relationship. These types of people do not have boundaries. They believe if another person is nice to them that they are in love with them. This type of person will bounce from one relationship to another with no real ability to settle down.

Cheating on a partner is one of the worst things that can be done. People who do this are very selfish individuals. Cheating not only hurts the person in the current relationship, but can also make future relationships very difficult. People who do the cheating will, in most cases, cheat on all of their partners. The person who was cheated on will tend to have trust issues with future partners. In a budding relationship an open line of communication is recommended. There are past issues that everyone has to deal with, but if both parties are open to communicate on these issues the relationship will grow into a strong bond that is not easily broken. It is important to let your partner know the boundaries. Let them know what is expected and things that will not be tolerated. A strong relationship is a precious gift that deserves to be protected at all costs. It is important to not let anything come between you and your significant other.

Friends are great to have, but often they can even come between a couple. We have all seen the movies where the woman suspects the man of cheating and her girlfriends encourage her to stalk him to find out what he is really doing. I know this is in the movies, but it happens in real life. Trust issues are one of the main causes of a relationship’s decline. Protect your relationship and let nothing and no one come between you and the one you love.