10 Signs of Cheating

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10 Signs of Cheating

Cheating is file0001125655926a fear in many relationships. With the openness of sex in today’s society many people have come to believe that cheating is inevitable. Although, it is true that all have the potential to cheat there are people that truly believe in the old fashioned viewpoint of monogamy. Where it is tempting to succumb to emotions and sneak away with the person who gives you a little wink or some extra attention, there will always be that nagging feeling that what you are doing is wrong. In most cheating cases there are signs that cheating is going on.


  1.  Hiding their cell phone from you – It is a natural thing in relationships that have long been established to occasionally answer your significant other phone. In most relationships this is not a problem. The phone rings while they are driving and you answer it to ensure that they do not wreck the car. Privacy, in a sense, goes out the window in a trusting relationship. When there is a case of cheating they may hide the phone from you telling you not to answer it. This is a good indicator that the cell phone contains images, texts, or phone numbers they do not want you to see.


  1. Work schedule changes – Unless they work a job where schedule changes are the norm this may be a cheating indicator. If they are always telling you that they are working late or a late night meeting was planned by the boss, they are probably meeting someone other than the boss late at somewhere other than work. Working late and longer hours often allows for a better paycheck so if they are unable to take you to extra places and spoil you a little with the extra income, they are probably cheating.


  1. Sudden interest in new activities – A sudden shift in interest is often a cheating sign. For example, say your significant other never really expressed an interest in sports endeavors, but suddenly they are going to every game possible and spending less time with you. This could be expressed by any new interest the person develops, but doesn’t want to involve you in. They will often schedule these activities at times they know that you are busy.


  1. They develop a sudden interest in your schedule – If your partner has never had a real interest in your schedule and out of nowhere begins wondering where you are going to be at specific times and when you will be home, they are either planning you a surprise party or cheating. More than likely it is the second of the two. The cheater will often act interested in work and after work activities to make sure you are away from home at specific times. There are also instances where the cheater will suggest things for you to do in order to ensure the house is free. They will often say, “Why don’t you take a girls (or guys) weekend and go have some fun?” The cheater will make it sound like it is for you when in reality it is all about them.


  1. Harder to reach – There are times when it can be difficult to reach your partner on his or her cell phone. Signals go out and batteries to phones die. Things like this happen, but the problem comes when the cell phone is charged and you know that they are in a place that the signal is strong. The first thought is that they are in a meeting, but when they are unreachable for a good portion of the day with no real explanation it could be a sign of a cheating partner.


  1. Their friends seem uneasy around you – It is a natural thing to go out with your partner and some of his or her friends. In most instances their friends become your friends and everyone becomes comfortable with one another. If a sudden shift in a friend’s behavior occurs there may be a problem. A cheater will involve his or her friends in a cheating scheme. They will naturally become uneasy around the person being cheated on because they are having to cover for the cheater.


  1. Sudden interest in your friends – A cheater who has been cheating some time will sometimes develop an interest in your friends. There are even times that the cheater is cheating with one of your friends. If you notice phone calls from your friends to your partner’s phone there may be an affair going on.


  1. Unexplained financial deductions on your accounts – A cheater will be apt to spend money on his or her new girlfriend or boyfriend. Watch financial statements for unexplained charges.


  1. Decrease in sex – If the sex starts off hot and then all of a sudden there is a drastic decrease in the amount of sex; he or she is probably receiving attention on the side. If sexual urges are being satisfied elsewhere then there is no need to satisfy them at home.


  1. Increase in relationship quarrels – All relationships encounter problems. Fights happen no matter what we do to avoid them. A cheater will often pick fights with their partner in order to make them leave the relationship so they are free to be with the person who has sparked their current interest.


These are not all the signs of cheating, but if you are experiencing any of these ten it is a good idea to confront the problem. Do not avoid the subject and hope it will work itself out. It won’t. Be an adult and ask your partner point blank if they are having an affair.